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 PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of the state links below, the information contained on this site is intended to be a resource on federal trademark law. For information about state trademark protection, see an attorney licensed to practice law in your state. See also, state versus federal protection.

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International trademark issues

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Self-Help Trademark Books

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  • Warda, Mark, How to Register Your Own Trademark, Sphinx Publishing, 1994.
  • Weinstein, David, How to Protect Your Business, Professional, & Brand Names, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1990.

Trademark Practice Books

  • Gundersen, Glenn, Trademark Searching: A Practical and Strategic Guide to the Clearance of New Marks in the United States, International Trademark Association, 1994.
  • Hawes, James, Trademark Registration Practice, WestGroup, 1998
  • Kolbert, June Gardner & Latham, David Allen, eds., Practitioner's Guide to the Recordation of Trademarks with Customs in the U.S. and the E.E.C., International Trademark Association, 1993.
  • Welter, Phyllis J., Trademark Surveys, WestGroup, 1998.

Intersting Trademark Articles

  • Davidson, Steve and Engisch, Nicole, 'Trademark Misuse' in Domain Name Disputes, The Computer Lawyer1996, v.13, n8 August.
  • Mitchell, Rosanne, Resolving Domain Name-Trademark Disputes: A New System of Alternative Dispute Resolution is Needed in Cyberspace, Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution 1998, v.14, 1, Fall.

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