The list below shows findings from actual cases showing where a term fits along the Descriptiveness Continuum. 

Examples of Arbitrary Marks

AJAX for cleanser
APPLE for computers
ARROW for shirts
CAMEL for cigarettes
CONGRESS for spring water
DOMINO for surgar
GUESS? for jeans
HANG TEN for clothes
HORIZON for banking services
ICE CREAM for chewing gum
IVORY for soap
JELLIBEANS for a skating rink
NOVA for a TV series
OLD CROW for whiskey
PENGUIN for books
SHELL for gasoline
TEA ROSE for flour
VEUVE ("widow" in English) for champagne and sparkling wine

Examples of Suggestive Marks

7-ELEVEN for convenience stores
ACCURIDE for tires
AT A GLANCE for calendars
BAC-A-BELT for belt-backing materials
BRIM for coffee
CHICKEN OF THE SEA for tuna fish
CITIBANK for an urban-based bank
COMPUGRAPHIC for typesetting machinary
COPPERTONE for tanning lotion 
CYCLONE for wire fence
DRI-FOOT for anti-perspirant deodorant for feet
ESPRIT for casual clothing
FLORIDA TAN for suntan lotion
GLACIER for ice
HEARTWISE for low cholesteral foods
HULAHOOP for plastic toy hoops
LEKTRONIC for electric shavers
LIQUID PAPER for correcting fluid
LOC-TOP for bottle closure caps
NOBURST for liquid antifreeze and rust inhibitor
MATERNALLY YOURS for maternal clothing
PHYSICIANS FORMULA for skin creams and lotions
RAPID-SHAVE for shaving cream
ROACH MOTEL for an insect trap
SPEEDI BAKE for frozen dough
SPRAY'N VAC for an aerosol rug cleaner
SUAVE for shampoo
SWEETARTS for candy
VERBATIM for computer diskettes
WEAREVER for cookware
WORDPERFECT for a word-processing computer software
WRANGLER for western style jeans and boots

Examples of Descriptive Marks

AFTER TAN for after sun-bathing lotion
ARTHRITICARE for a treatment substance for arthritis
APPLE PIE for potpourri
BED & BREAKFAST REGISTRY for lodging reservations services
BEEF & BREW for a restaurant
BUFFERIN for buffered aspirin
CAR FRESHENER for an air deodorizer for cars
EASYLOAD for tape recorders
FASHIONKNIT for sweaters
FOOD WORLD for a food industry publication 
FOOD FAIR for a supermarket
FORUM for business training seminars
HERITAGE for life insurance plans
HOME SAVINGS for banking services
INTERNATIONAL for maps and globes
LASERGAGE for a laser measurement device
LIGHTS for low-nicotine, low-tar cigarettes
NATURE'S MEDICINE for food supplements
NEVA-WET for a water repellant treatment
OPEN MRI for open-sided magnetic resonance imaging machines
PENTOMINO for a domino with five squares
PERSONAL FINANCE for a financial investment publication
PIZZAZZ for pizza
NATIONAL CHAMBER for promoting the interests of businessmen and businesswomen
RICH 'N CHIPS for chocolate chip cookies
SECURITY CENTER for a storage facility
SPEX for optician services
SUDSY for ammonia
TENDER VITTLES for cat food
WORLD BOOK for encyclopedias

Examples of Generic Terms

ALL NEWS CHANNEL for broadcasting services
ANALOG DEVICES for devices having analog capabilities
BAG RACK for a golf bag support device
BLINDED VETERANS for an organization for blinded veterans
CALL FORWARDING for a telephone call forwarding service
CLIPPER for sailing ship cruises
CONSUMER ELECTRONICS MONTHLY for a magazine on consumer electronics
DISCOUNT MUFFLERS for car muffler repair and replacement services
DOS for a computer operating system
ICE PAK for an ice substitute
IMPORTED AUTO PARTS for a business selling imported auto part
LAWYERS.COM for a website featuring information regarding law, legal news and legal services
MULTISTATE BAR EXAMINATION for a bar examination given in multiple states
PRIMAL THERAPY for a type of psychotherapy
PROM for for computer programmable read only memory
SCREENWIPE for premoistened antistatic cloths for cleaning computer and television screens
SHREDDED WHEAT for breakfast cereal
SUPER GLUE for an adhesive
YELLOW PAGES for a business telephone directory

But See These found NOT Generic  

APPLE RAISIN CRISP for breakfast cereal
BEER NUTS for flavored nuts
CALIFORNIA COOLER for a wine, fruit juice and sparkling wine beverage (a "cooler")
DICTAPHONE for a dictating machine
FIRST FEDERAL for savings and loan services
KEEN KUTTER for razors, knives, saws and hatchets
HONEY BAKED HAM for honey glazed hams
LEVI'S for denim jeans
PARK 'N FLY for airport parking areas offering bus service to and from the terminal
POLY PITCHER for a polyethylene pitcher
RENTAL GUIDE for a real estate listing magazine
SOCIETY FOR REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE for association services in the field of reproductive medicine
THE UNCOLA for non-cola soft drinks
TOUCHLESS for car wash services
TRIVIAL PURSUIT for a game based on trivia questions