is a resource on trademarks, provided complements of Ingena Law Professional Corporation, a solo practice law firm based out of Minneapolis, and run by me (Heidi L. Pliam), the initial author of this site. began as a project of the Pliam Law Group, PA starting in 1998. Overwhelming interest in those early days came from all over the globe, including links from WIPO and citations in scholarly and business journals alike. Since then, my search rankings have been at the whim of Google, whose algorithms still leave much to be desired (IMHO) due to SEO tricksters.  

This site has been revamped with the help of many.  I wish to thank the following lawyers, law students, paralegals and editors for contributing authorship to this site:

  • Julie Astoni
  • Richard Brooks
  • Sid Korpi
  • D. Ann Stockberger


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